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Plans of World Domination

Rufus Shinra
6 October
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Rufus Shinra is a part of the Final Fantasy VII and is copyrighted to Square-ENIX.
This is a roleplaying journal to the 3citiesooc and 3citiesrp. Mun can be reached at the kira_k journal.


Character’s name: Rufus Shinra
Gender: male
Affiliation: ShinRa Inc.
Age: 21
Appearing Age: Depending on the make up (and situation) can move from 16 to 26.

Birthday: 6 Oct. (Libra)
Place of birth: Esper, Meteor
Sexual Preference: bisexual
Marital Status: single
Eye color: pale blue
Hair Color: blond
Skin Tone: pale
Height: 178 cm (I guess that is 5' 11" )
Build: average but rather on the slim side.

History/Timeline: His parents divorced when he was five years old. His mother, Eleanora Dantes went back to Gaia where she still lives while he remained at Esper with his father. He was taught mostly to economy but it included acting skills and self-defense as well. Because of the many lessons and his father's business-like mentality he had a not too happy childhood without many friends. He befriended his bodyguards, the TURKs and they became his only confidants through the years. Sometimes he exchanges cards with his mother but there is no burning need in either of them to see the other. His father deceased two years ago and Rufus became the President of the ShinRa Inc.

Personality: Powerhungry; dominating; cold; likes to plan and to know everything is according to his plans, hates to be manipulated and lied to, especially from people he trusts.
When in bad mood he can be quite cruel. He lacks most of the morals (like his rolemodels). He can't relax well and it takes at least an hour for him to switch from business-mood. Can take things too seriously but has a sense of humour. Could be called workcoholic. Enjoys the sex but sees it as another way to control others. Has a definite pride.

Identifying Marks: None.
Clothing Preferences: Mostly white, many layers to appear bigger. Fingerless, leather gloves.
Profession: President of the ShinRa Inc.
Weapon of Choice: TURKs; an energy weapon modeled after the shotguns and always kept on 'kill'.

Things: His weapon, his black turtle neck, the papers which prove his ownership of ShinRa Inc.
Food: Exotic Esperian food and import from Gaia like caviar and crabs. Junkfood makes him scowl.
Drink: Dry, red wine; sweet, white wine and any other kind of quality wine. Coffee and tea are just a necessity. Doesn't drink beer.
Color: Withe, black. Blood-red.

Likes: Being in power, order, being in control, watching as a plan unfolds, relaxing with his TURKs. Dark Notion.
Dislikes: Not being in control, when things go wrong and the Organization gets the better end of a deal. Not taken seriously.
Talents: Leadership, economy, acting, manipulating.
Weaknesses: He can be too cold even to his friends, has a tendency to not explain things, hates to be manipulated, can be cruel, can misunderstand the jokes.

Pre-Existing Relationships: Father deceased; mother is in Gaia.

Friends with all of the TURKs but doesn't really care about anyone else.
Has a tentacle dog, named Dark Notion, which was raised in ShinRa grounds. The dog was hand-fed and taught to be a bodyguard. It sleeps in the same room as Rufus (sometimes even in his bed) but doesn't have any special abilites because it wasn't exploited to Mako.

Special Abilities: None.

Seiyuu/Voice: Tōru Ōkawa
Songs Character Resonates To: Queen: Princes of the Universe